My sister requested some new pillows for her birthday…which was almost 2 months ago now. Oops. This weekend I finally got around to sewing them up for her. I created a new color story to go with these great new couches she just got. Im loving all things Indigo at the moment. Add in the colors of the ocean that are lingering in my mind and you’ve got the new color range. Oh, and did I also mention I made my sister cut all the fabric while I ironed and sewed? Ya, I’m not a very good sister. But what is good are these pillows. The new colorways are available on Spoonflower.



Some new fabrics up in the shop on Spoonflower


In other news, I got the tea towel calendar back on fabric. I’m gonna work on getting a few sewn up in the next couple of weeks. I’m in love with the color, it executed beautifully!


Do you know what’s hard…designing a  calendar, who knew! I actually thought this would be easy and was sorely mistaken.  I really love tea towel calendars I’ve seen in the past.  I have a seriously bigger admiration for these designers now.

So here it is…my design for a 2013 Calendar.  It can be printed through Spoonflower and sewn into a tea towel.  This one is sized to fit a fat quarter of basic cotton.  I have a version that’s a few inches taller to fit a fat quarter of linen/cotton blend so it’s better for use as an actual tea towel.  I plan to have the linen version available for sale in the next couple of weeks.

I entered this design in Spoonflower’s Tea Towel Calendar Contest that should go live in a couple of days.

Time to design more prints…feeling very geo this fall/holiday….

It’s been stuck in my head for a while now and I finally sat down last night and did it….cats!  My kid saw my sketches this morning and declared “that’s a really good drawing mommy!”  Melts my heart….in floating cat heads goodness.  I did a fabric version in neutrals and as a print in this great jade coloring.

And good news!  Society6 is offering free shipping on prints and iphone cases….perfect time to treat yo’ self!

copy this promo code:

The link will take you straight to the Pattern State shop with free shipping enabled. The cattery can be yours!

This is the print I designed for the Spoonflower Weekly Contest “stars and stripes.”  The theme is just a bit too nice for me, which is exactly why i thought I should give it a try.  I needed the end result to feel vintage and worn a little bit off.  Success?  Check it out here.

With this print I’ve reached my cuteness threshold for a bit.  I’m jumping back to the odd stuff for a while…bats and hexagons…I think yes!  Updates soon

This totally works for me : Guns n’ Roses.


Beyond that my head hurts…trying to make sense of a ton of design swatches and organize collections.  Hopefully more updates soon of just the right curated super cool prints!



I decided last minute to enter this week’s Spoonflower contest for Hand Drawn.  Since my time was tight I pulled up a couple of images of an old 5×7″ drawing and one of my favorite paintings.  I call it an “Art Print Mashup!”  I typically think just taking one element and reflecting it to make a repeat is a cop-out, but like I said, I only had about an hour to get this done.  Honestly, I used the deer element in the end just to make myself feel validated about the layout.  Still can’t decide if this print is super weird or super cool.