So amazing, so inspiring, so profound and liberating…Marfa, TX. I just got back from a long weekend there. It truly was a pilgrimage.

Desert highways. The best of Texas skies.


Texas. Rust and Antlers.


Donald Judd. Rectangle cube beauty. Chinati foundation.


Prada Marfa. Everything I hoped. Bullet holes and heels.


I want to be haunted by this space of Texas…


I’ve just returned from 5 nights at the beach.  Oh my wonderful beautiful relaxing amazing best time ever!!! I forget that water can be that shade of turquoise, the perfect ombre from aqua to marine blue.  I have this love affair with the Ocean…I get to step my feet in it so rarely, that when I do it becomes intimately significant.  ImageI feel so ready to create some new designs. I’m itching to work…and thats not just cause of the intense sunburn I’m rockn right now.

I’m also really excited to be part of some great sales through DENY Designs.  The sales have been going on most of the week and are wrapping up tomorrow.  Check them out! Fab, GILT: cool clocks, and Joss&Main: Tribal Trend


This past weekend 2 writers and 2 artists spent a weekend at my parents lake house, I call it  “Art Camp.”

Art Camp: its when a few girls get together and spend a weekend diving into their creative pursuits, drinking a lot of wine, and eating an obscene amount of fancy cheese.  Basically, we spend a weekend being awesome.


-seeing one of my paintings juxtaposed with a traditional and beautifully painted tree that my parents bought in Santa Fe.

-thinking about these vintage photos I bought in Austin along side my grandmother’s old scarves.  Sidenote: I sorted through a box of my grandma’s old clothes expecting to be carried away by nostalgia and instead I found two of her old bras….giant old bras…with holes in them.

-a beautiful view and sleep uninterrupted by a toddler