in progress

I’m in the middle of another Art Camp weekend.  I’ve escaped off for to create and enjoy a great space with 4 writers who are all working on their projects.  Check out my view.

photo (29)I’m so into this new collection and getting a lot of creative fuel from seeing this home tour on the DENY Designs blog.  I’m loving her Pattern State pillows mixed with Bianca Green and VyLa…very cool!  See the full post here.



So glad to be working on some new designs. I’ve been referencing some great letterpress cards I picked up at We Are 1976. We’re beyond lucky to have a shop like this Dallas. Where else could I find Sanna Annukka, Hammerpress, and Anemone all in one place. Check out the Grand Opening of their second location on Bishop this Saturday night


I had my first lesson in dying fabric. And by lesson, I mean I read some blogs and just tried it out. I’ve got the blue fingers to prove it.
First tip: wear gloves….the whole time

I found these blog posts really helpful:


I used some extra IKEA fabric I had as test swatches to find the right colors and used DYLON dyes.  I was able to use the aqua and pink as they were but mixed to get the right shade of lime.

The results are far from perfect.  But it was so fun working with my hands again.  And really, I kind of felt like a dip dying bad ass.


This totally works for me : Guns n’ Roses.


Beyond that my head hurts…trying to make sense of a ton of design swatches and organize collections.  Hopefully more updates soon of just the right curated super cool prints!


Spent a couple days last off work so I could do more of my own work from home.  I’m really into how this rabbit print is going.  I have a Japanese tea cup and Russian tea pot to thank for it.

on a sidenote: I saw a hawk grab a baby bunny while on the way to church this morning.  I can’t get it out of my head.  It was kind of awful to watch but also a reminder of how things go.  The circle of life is a rough business and I’m really glad I’m not a baby bunny.  To balance it my son and I left some food outside our house for the rabbits tonight.

I’m closing my eyes and going back to drawing pretty hot pink rabbits.