phone home

Has it seriously been over 2 months since my last post?  How about I blame the holidays and working on lots of new projects!  I’ve got to say thanks to the many friends and family who have been really supportive of me and my designs for Pattern State.  Below are a few pics of some pattern state iphone cases from Society6 in action.  Coincidentally, these are also 3 of my best sellers.

ps_phonesSpeaking of excellent friends, a couple weeks ago I needed to have some head shots taken.  Which just sounds so weird and like a bad senior graduation photo shoot.  So instead of cropping myself out of the least bad photo I could find I decided to turn to a professional.  My friend Stacie came to the rescue.  Seriously, not only does she wield camera magic, she really put me at ease and actually made it fun.  If you are anywhere near the Dallas area, Stacie Tatum is your girl for the best photography shoots…weddings, babies, families, and even awkward friends!  Lesson learned yet again: leave it to the professionals!!



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