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Guys, guys, guys! It’s here! I just can’t express how super beyond crazy excited I am to be part of DENY designs.  They’ve curated an amazing group of talented artists for their products, and I’m honored to be among them.  Pattern Sate shower curtain, duvet cover, throw blanket, pillows….I think YES!  Check out the full range of products and patterns here.  And Happy Valentines Day!



I’m super excited to be a part of this new project called, The Mother Load that addresses what it is to be an artist and mother.  The project was started by two friends of mine, Lesli Robertson and Natalie Macellaio.  Each artist that is part of the project is sent a copper plate.  On one side they place their own finger print and their children’s fingerprints.  On the reverse will be a QR code to the artist’s website.  These copper plates are going to be part of an installation addressing identity and making.  Cool, right?  This is my son and I fingerprinting our plate:motherloadThe other part of this project is a “conversation.”  They’ve asked a simple question, “Why are you part of the Mother Load?”  I’ll be honest I’m having a difficult time answering.  My thoughts on art, career, and motherhood are still something I’m trying to understand….and my son is almost 3.  I will say this, the few seconds it took to sit down with my son and in a small way include him in my role as artist to fingerprint this plate was pretty amazing for me.  Much of my time spent in “making” is after he’s asleep, and my time in “career” is while he is at school.  Yet so much of what I do in my work/job and with my art has shifted and evolved and changed in every way because of him, because of being a mother.  In fact, I don’t think I would have been led to create Pattern State if it wasn’t for becoming a mother and needing to find a new way to create.  I think constantly (almost obsessively) about how to juggle each role while also being excellent in each role.  Instead of balance I often feel pulled or lacking.  Yet these roles maybe aren’t separate at all and that’s something I’m trying to understand.  See what I’m saying, confusing!  Maybe when I actually do find a better way to form my thoughts into words, I’ll share them here.

Until then, check out The Mother Load.  And also, treat yourself and check out the amazing jewelry pieces that Lesli and Natalie create together under their Line, Trestle Design.il_570xN.379805830_29fo**the josephine baker, concrete and textile necklace by Trestle**

Has it seriously been over 2 months since my last post?  How about I blame the holidays and working on lots of new projects!  I’ve got to say thanks to the many friends and family who have been really supportive of me and my designs for Pattern State.  Below are a few pics of some pattern state iphone cases from Society6 in action.  Coincidentally, these are also 3 of my best sellers.

ps_phonesSpeaking of excellent friends, a couple weeks ago I needed to have some head shots taken.  Which just sounds so weird and like a bad senior graduation photo shoot.  So instead of cropping myself out of the least bad photo I could find I decided to turn to a professional.  My friend Stacie came to the rescue.  Seriously, not only does she wield camera magic, she really put me at ease and actually made it fun.  If you are anywhere near the Dallas area, Stacie Tatum is your girl for the best photography shoots…weddings, babies, families, and even awkward friends!  Lesson learned yet again: leave it to the professionals!!