Monthly Archives: June 2012

This is the print I designed for the Spoonflower Weekly Contest “stars and stripes.”  The theme is just a bit too nice for me, which is exactly why i thought I should give it a try.  I needed the end result to feel vintage and worn a little bit off.  Success?  Check it out here.

With this print I’ve reached my cuteness threshold for a bit.  I’m jumping back to the odd stuff for a while…bats and hexagons…I think yes!  Updates soon


Working on some new print ideas. Bats, squirrels….new elements to sit with the rabbit, fox, and snake prints already in the shop. Thinking garden vs. animal = cool


This totally works for me : Guns n’ Roses.


Beyond that my head hurts…trying to make sense of a ton of design swatches and organize collections.  Hopefully more updates soon of just the right curated super cool prints!