Monthly Archives: May 2012


My hex fabric print / floor of the Palihotel in LA



Finally took some images of the color ways for my feather print. 5×5″ swatches on quilting weight cotton


I decided last minute to enter this week’s Spoonflower contest for Hand Drawn.  Since my time was tight I pulled up a couple of images of an old 5×7″ drawing and one of my favorite paintings.  I call it an “Art Print Mashup!”  I typically think just taking one element and reflecting it to make a repeat is a cop-out, but like I said, I only had about an hour to get this done.  Honestly, I used the deer element in the end just to make myself feel validated about the layout.  Still can’t decide if this print is super weird or super cool.

Spent a couple days last off work so I could do more of my own work from home.  I’m really into how this rabbit print is going.  I have a Japanese tea cup and Russian tea pot to thank for it.

on a sidenote: I saw a hawk grab a baby bunny while on the way to church this morning.  I can’t get it out of my head.  It was kind of awful to watch but also a reminder of how things go.  The circle of life is a rough business and I’m really glad I’m not a baby bunny.  To balance it my son and I left some food outside our house for the rabbits tonight.

I’m closing my eyes and going back to drawing pretty hot pink rabbits.

This past weekend 2 writers and 2 artists spent a weekend at my parents lake house, I call it  “Art Camp.”

Art Camp: its when a few girls get together and spend a weekend diving into their creative pursuits, drinking a lot of wine, and eating an obscene amount of fancy cheese.  Basically, we spend a weekend being awesome.


-seeing one of my paintings juxtaposed with a traditional and beautifully painted tree that my parents bought in Santa Fe.

-thinking about these vintage photos I bought in Austin along side my grandmother’s old scarves.  Sidenote: I sorted through a box of my grandma’s old clothes expecting to be carried away by nostalgia and instead I found two of her old bras….giant old bras…with holes in them.

-a beautiful view and sleep uninterrupted by a toddler